Woodburns Street Food

Our family's goal is to serve wonderfully tasting, healthy, "fast food" and bring authentic wood-fired pizza to every event. We make everything fresh with our own hands, and every bite has been carefully crafted to each customer's preferences. As well as meat options, we offer a selection of both vegetarian and vegan foods and can cater for food intolerances and allergies. We love our planet so only use fully compostable or recyclable disposables - absolutely no plastic bottles for us! All the ingredients we use in our food are ethically, locally sourced from artisans or carefully selected organic farmers.

Our Mission

With 9 years of experience in catering, we have catered at all different types of events and can meet any of your needs. 

Whether you need high volume catering or boutique, unique units we can cater to your needs.

All of our pizzas are handmade, woodfired and the ingredients ethically sourced. Our staff are highly trained and each pizza they create look and taste great while remaining healthy.


Please follow our social media pages for further information, and to keep up with events and where we are.

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